About Us

About Us

Maihaus story

Our mission is to provide our customers affordable and enjoyable homes close to excellent traffic connections in the Helsinki capital area. Furthermore, our mission is aligned with the larger targets of the society. Through flat sharing, the utilization rate of limited volume of housing square meters in the capital area increase, less tax payer´s money is spent on ever increasing housing benefits and businesses will have better possibilities to hire lower income people when there are sustainable alternatives for affordable accommodation. For students affordable living gives them a chance to focus and speed up their studies and enjoy some spare time as well

Bo Priester
Managing Director

Bo is an entrepreneur with great enthusiasm to explore new possibilities within real estate, engineering, software or something else. He is a happy family man with 3 children walking in his footsteps. Aiming at excellent customer satisfaction, he always finds time for his tenants and customers.

“During my university studies I lived in a shared apartment for few years. The experience was positive and the former roommates started a lifelong friendship. The megatrend in Helsinki metropolitan area has been for decades that ever more singles are packed into the city center thus leading to high rent prices out of reach for many. On a rainy day in September 2015 the first idea of doing something different on the crowded real estate market was born. When studios are ever harder to get hold of larger family apartment often have a smaller utilization rate. I saw there is a real need for affordable yet well located apartments. The solution was to provide communal living in these large apartments. We decided to differentiate ourselves by providing quality and service to exceed people´s expectations".

Ivan Aleksandrovic
General Manager

Ivan is an entrepreneur with strong passion in business development. His obsession to advance business solutions guide him through his professional career. Happily married and fulfilled in personal life. Adore nature and water surfaces.

"At some point of my life, I felt that I need something new and fresh to boost my career and my personal development. My preferred destination to achieve that goal was Finland. Moving away from your childhood home is a big step for everyone. It’s even bigger when the distance between your new home and your childhood home is thousands of kilometres – 2500 to be exact. Professional career in Maihaus Oy brought me new chalenges and ideas. Boosting the business logic started immediately and after couple of years the outcome is visible. Nowadays, Maihaus logic is to offer urban concept designed to deliver modern and full service to our customers, taking care of environment and sustainability. "