General Terms

General Terms


Renters shall follow the Finnish law, the housing company rules displayed at the main entrance corridor and MaiHaus own rules explained below.

Moving in and out

When moving in, the Renter needs to discuss with roommates how the rules are implemented in the apartment for example where in kitchen are her/his place for storing foodstuff.
When moving out, the renter shall contact MaiHaus representative for agreeing about returning keys and move out inspection of the room. It is forbidden to leave any belongings to the apartment or storage after moving out and the room and spaces used in kitchen for foodstuff shall be cleaned before returning the keys. The Renter shall also within 24 h from moving out inform Posti and Population Registry Centre about changing address. This can be done via Posti´s home page. MaiHaus has no obligation to archive Renters post that arrives after the move-out -date.


Bringing guests is allowed like in any other apartment. The Renter is to explain house rules to his guests and is responsible for them.

Staying overnight -rules:

Guest stays 2-7 nights in a row. Renter needs permission from all flat mates.
Guest stays > 7 nights in a row. Renter needs permission from all flat mates and MaiHaus representative. A weekly fee of € 80 will be added to Rent for each commencing week for a guest that stays in the apartment (sleeps, showers and uses shared utilities). Failing to follow these rules is a breach of agreement.

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