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We want you to feel this is your home. House rules ensure living comfort in a shared apartment, where everyone has the right to live in a clean and safe positive environment with a reserved time for resting during night. For communication about rules and practical issues with roommates, using a WhatsApp -group between tenants has shown to work well for this purpose, where new Renters are invited.


Renters shall follow the Finnish law, the housing company rules displayed at the main entrance corridor and MaiHaus own rules explained below.

Moving in and out

When moving in, the Renter needs to discuss with roommates how the rules are implemented in the apartment for example where in kitchen are her/his place for storing foodstuff.
When moving out, the renter shall contact MaiHaus representative for agreeing about returning keys and move out inspection of the room. It is forbidden to leave any belongings to the apartment or storage after moving out and the room and spaces used in kitchen for foodstuff shall be cleaned before returning the keys. The Renter shall also within 24 h from moving out inform Posti and Population Registry Centre about changing address. This can be done via Posti´s home page. MaiHaus has no obligation to archive Renters post that arrives after the move-out -date.


Bringing guests is allowed like in any other apartment. The Renter is to explain house rules to his guests and is responsible for them.

Staying overnight -rules:

Guest stays 2-7 nights in a row. Renter needs permission from all flat mates.
Guest stays > 7 nights in a row. Renter needs permission from all flat mates and MaiHaus representative. A weekly fee of € 80 will be added to Rent for each commencing week for a guest that stays in the apartment (sleeps, showers and uses shared utilities). Failing to follow these rules is a breach of agreement.

Shared facilities

It is strictly forbidden to keep any personal belongings (food, dishes, glasses, bottles, supplies for hygiene etc.) out of cabinets after Renter has used the shared facilities (bathroom, kitchen etc.). This is a shared apartment, so everyone needs to keep the shared facilities free from unnecessary items in order to keep a good order and comfort allowing tenants to have more space while they use the shared space.

Sleeping hours

Due to the nature of communal living and living in a flat in general, loud noise might be heard in other rooms and neighboring apartments. There should be a quiet period between 22:00-07:00. The sound insulation might vary even though MaiHaus strives to using construction solutions with optimized sound insulation.


Common Areas: Everyone is obliged to clean up after themselves or their guests. It is tenant´s duty to organize weekly, general cleaning of the shared facilities. Tenants should keep their cleaning schedule on the visible place and everyone are obliged to do their duties on time. If the rest of tenants complain on someone who is not doing his/her duties in cleaning or refuse to clean, MaiHaus reserves the right to arrange professional cleaning services and withdraw the sum from the deposit. Personal rooms: Should be vacuum cleaned at least once a month.

Bathrooms: Floor should be dried after taking a shower and cleaned when needed.

Kitchen: It is forbidden to leave dirty dishes on dining table after finishing a meal. All dishes and cookware should be cleaned after being used and left to dry, then to be put up in dedicated areas. Renter should throw away spoiled food and keep the foodstuff in good order and sealed in a proper manner. Water tap should under no circumstances be left open if Renter is leaving the room.

Cleaning Supplies and replacement bulbs: Purchased by Renters such as bathroom cleaning supplies, dishwasher soap, laundry detergent.

Garbage: Renters need to follow housing company rules for sorting garbage in the housing company garbage collection.

Fire alarm: Renter commits in keeping the fire alarm in the room in full working condition acc to regulations 239/2009 ja 291/2009 as well as on his cleaning turn check the function of shared space fire alarms.

Air vents: Air vents are not to be plugged or their correct operation prevented. They shall be cleaned once per 6 Months.


Since we at MaiHaus want to ensure that the room can in the future also be rented to persons with some allergies, no pets are allowed in the apartment.


Cigarettes or any other type of smoking is not permitted at all in the house or the balcony. If smoking outside, all cigarette butts need to be properly disposed of in a dedicated trash can.

Drug Use

Any type of illegal Drug is not to be brought around or used in the house. Any violation of this rule and the Authorities will be contacted and Renter will be evicted immediately.


Noise should not be loud enough to bother other Renters or neighbours.


Park in the driveway at marked areas or dedicated parking lot can be asked for directly from the housing company.

Accidents and damaged utilities

In case of accidents or damaged utility that is property of MaiHaus, the Renter shall inform MaiHaus representative for further actions.

Conflict Resolution

Each housemate will strive to develop mutual cooperation and good feelings with all other housemates. Should disagreements arise, each shall try to resolve the dispute in good faith using clear communication. If disputes continue thereafter, the housemates will discuss with MaiHaus representative and come to an conclusion with MaiHaus´s suggestion or by a vote.

In Helsinki 9th October 2017
Bo Priester, Managing Director

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